Finding true love is difficult, anyone knows that. Of course, you could hit more bars or go out more to increase the chances, or possibly even use the dating apps like Tinder to cut to the chase, different solutions can be done. However in Japan, relationships with people are more sensitive and less open, if you somehow get to close in the beginning, your partner may run away, and in some worse cases, you possibly could end up being seen as a werido or pervert. The deal breaker to get to know someone requires similar topic interest and a good place to meet. It’s essentially speed-dating at a small group party, where people spend time getting to know one another. The experience is efficient and simple, but the lack of entertainment and being too formal often lead to low success match rate. Fortunately, Pokemon came to save the lonely singles. It took off in Pokemon Go hot-spots such as Hibiya Park. Pokemon Gokon allows players to sign up via the LINE chat application, and then look for a partner while they look for Pokemon. And that extra person, could possibly be your forever love.

Romantic Aspirations: Japan’s “Gōkon” Group Dating

Hello there, this is Chris as always. I was off on business last week, but I am sure you all managed without me. Today we will go over some tips on something that is pretty relevant to the site you are on, and that is matchmaking parties. Most people back home sneer at the idea of going to a matchmaking parties, but in Japan where most people spend their free time swamped in desk work or are not about the “bar scene”, they are a useful and accepted way of meeting someone.

Having been to a few myself, I can say that it takes a little while to get comfortable, but once you are in they are a lot of fun.

Has anyone been to a gokon party? How about a speed dating event? What about regular dating? If you’d like to share your dating stories for an upcoming.

Japan Glances. Even as Japanese are increasingly putting off matrimony, these events serve to provide young singles the chance to find potential marriage partners. Traditionally, social gatherings involving school friends were referred to by the formal-sounding shinbokukai student mixer. The term konpa , which derives from the English word company , developed among university students in the s as slang for similar events, taking on an aspect of group dating.

While there are no set rules for how many participate, equal-sized groups of three or four men and women are the norm. It is the job of the two kanji to gather participants, such as by inviting friends, classmates, members of their school club, coworkers, or others in their social circle. Seating at events is either mixed or with men on one side of the table and women on the other.

Once participants are in their places, everyone lifts their drink for the kanpai toast and then takes turns introducing themselves before beginning to socialize casually.

The ugly truth of ‘gokon,’ Japan’s group blind dates

Group Dating isn’t new in Japan, where compa or gokon parties have become a regular part of their dating scene. The word compa comes from the word companion and gokon is a combination of the words goudo group and compa companion. It is said that this practice evolved from the difficulties of finding a partner due to the pervasive shyness that exists in Japanese society.

Group dating gatherings usually take place at public venues such as restaurants where each attendee brings a couple of eligible friends.

Gokon are a party that are organized to introduce a group of male It’s essentially a group blind date and may lead to romantic partnerships.

Drinking with coworkers and superiors is a vital part of business life in Japan, and many social groups such as hobby groups or clubs , PTAs, and neighborhood associations also hold nomikai throughout the year. Even a group of friends getting together for a few drinks is a type of nomikai. Nomikai can also be an opportunity to meet new people, or even a new partner. There is a special type of nomikai called gokon , which is a kind of group date where singles mingle over drinks and food, hoping to make a connection with someone.

There are even speed-dating gokon, where you talk to each new person for 5 minutes and then take your drink and move on to the next one. But how do you hold drinking parties or meet people in these times of coronavirus fears and State of Emergency orders?

Japanese Tinder In Real Life: Aisekiya

First, a male-female pair acts as planners. They also decide on the number of people who will be joining the gokon. Usually, they invite their friends and colleagues. The date, time, and place are set before the details are announced to both parties. It is said that three females and males make up the ideal gokon.

Group Dating isn’t new in Japan, where compa or gokon parties have become a regular part of their dating scene. The word compa comes from.

Finding your soul mate in big cities like Tokyo can be really challenging. In order to meet new people and if possible, the right one, Japanese people often go to Gokon. Here is everything you need to know about it. An equal number of men and women that have never met each others, gather to eat, drink and talk. The goal is to exchange contact and pair with the person you enjoy the most.

A pretty simple concept. This now adopted part of the culture is actually pretty recent. It was invented in the 70s, on Japanese University campuses. Students were organizing mixed parties to get to know people from the other sex. While originally being parties organized by people inviting friends so that they get to know each others, they are nowadays companies that specialize in Gokon. You can specify information such as the age, hobbies and the salary of the people you want to meet….

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Gokon (合コン) is a contracted form of the word godo konpa (合同コンパ), which literally means “combined company.” For a gokon, generally.

Dating parties. If you live in Japan and are a single guy or girl, you’ve probably been to one. They’re basically group blind dates, with groups of guys meeting groups of girls and vice versa , and they’re peppered with drinking games, flirting, and innuendo. There’s also a secret lingo among guys and girls. One of the more recent slang gokon words references one of the country’s biggest games ever. Fineboys via Rocket News magazine drew up a list of current gokon slang.

The words, like most Japanese slang, are likely to go out of style as soon as they come in. There’s “TNP”, which means “tanonde nai piza” or “a pizza I didn’t order”.

iPhones become ice-breakers at gokon dating parties

Japanese culture from a bemused foreign perspective. Generally, a single guy and girl who know each other organise the compa in advance, each agreeing to bring 3 or 4 eligible friends. The venue is usually a restaurant, izakaya, or anywhere people can eat, drink and make a bit of noise. Both terms are commonly used and their meaning is basically the same.

What’s the deal with mysterious Japanese group dates, or ‘gokon’? though sometimes the kanji will be a married “neutral” party—though.

Konpa came into use during the Meiji Period , when it described a meal where university students would get together to strengthen mutual bonds and share the cost of food between them. It’s believed the variant term gokon was coined in the s. Despite all the mystery, gokon are actually little more than group blind or semi-blind dates. It may be something as simple as three guy friends deciding to meet up with three girl friends for a drink.

The kanji will get the ball rolling by separating the men and women into groups of equal size and are common. After the standard kampai cheers , everyone offers a brief self-introduction. Then you simply talk freely, usually about topics of common knowledge. Sometimes people will initiate simple trivia or drinking-style games, but it’s not a prerequisite. If people particularly enjoyed the meal, you might all head out for karaoke after, but that’s about it.

In a machi-kon , you’ll typically start by choosing a drinking buddy of the same gender, and then head through various drinking and dining spots in a prescribed area. The goal in this case is to meet as many people as possible—though the sheer number of people means you probably won’t remember anyone’s faces. So that’s it: mystery solved. Gokon are just slightly more organized versions of a night out at the pub.

[Special Day] Dokidoki Gokon (Sogeting)

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Do you like dining outside?

Lunch Matchmaking Private Detective (literal title); Romaji: Lunch Gokon Tantei: Koi Yuika Amano (Mizuki Yamamoto) offers to join the matchmaking event.

Gokon is a rite of passage. Something to try out at a young age before diving into the real mysteries of love later in life. So if you’re heading off for a gokon evening, relax, don’t take it too seriously and just enjoy the ride. This advice is something not all women follow. Apparently, some women are either gokon novices who don’t know enough not to take it easy, or gokon veterans desperate enough to make a fool of themselves.

Wear makeup so heavy that it creeps guys out. Have hair permed curly to emphasize your cuteness.

Group dating

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Matchmaking events helping people look beyond appearance. TOKYO — A company in Tokyo has given new meaning to the term “blind date,” and put a new twist on the country’s gokon , or matchmaking parties, where timid young Japanese are brought together in the hope of finding a soul mate. On a recent weekend afternoon, six men and women in their 20s and 30s nervously sat down together in a restaurant in Tokyo’s Shinjuku entertainment district.

Just as they would at any other matchmaking party, initial nerves soon give way to chat and laughter once the drinks start flowing — the difference here, however, is that no one can see each other. Everyone is given eye mask and led into a private room, first the girls, then the boys, and the “party” begins. Mio Sakata, 20, was intrigued by the different ways people shake hands. At the end of the gathering, everyone writes down the name of who they would most like to meet again and leaves it with the organizer — without being given the chance to see each other.

They get told who they matched with later.

[Eng sub] Kasaneteku / Winning in a singles mixer !? / Japanese commercial

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